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NYJO & Miles Ahead Programme

NYJO are greatly honoured to have been selected to particpate as part of the EMJAZZ Miles Ahead education programme. 

The Miles Ahead programme under East Midlands Jazz (EMJAZZ) involves high-calibre professional jazz musicians working with young people, using jazz as the basis for teaching music and life skills.  This exactly fits the philisophy of NYJO. 

EMJAZZ Project Coordinator Rebecca Lee is working with Nottingham jazz promotors JazzSteps to help deliver the programme.  There are a range of activities in the plans that will involve young people in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire across the Primary and Secondary age ranges.   Workshops and demonstrations about jazz and improvisation are part of the programme. 

Picture: Zoe is holding a lovely picture she was presented with of her performing a solo gig at the Nottingham New Art Exchange on 22 February 2012.  The drawing was by a member of the audience at this capacity event.  Rebecca Lee (EMJAZZ Miles Ahead coordinator) is holding flowers presented to Zoe after the gig where both met NYJO representatives as part of initial workshop planning for NYJO.

NYJO will be particpating in separate workshops with renowned jazz professionals Zoe Rahman and Julian Joseph. It is well worth clicking onn the links to their websites to learn more about these exceptionally talented and experienced musicians that we are privedged to have work with us.

Zoe - pianist, band leader, composer and educator - is joining two NYJO rehearsals in July as part of their preparation for NYJO's Edinburgh Fringe Festival Tour in August where their performances will include some of Zoe's compositions. 

Lead NYJO tutor Ben Lee said "It’s an exciting time for the Nottingham Youth Jazz Orchestra.  Through the EMJAZZ ‘Miles Ahead’ Youth Music Programme we are delighted to have been awarded a series of workshops over the next year with Julian Joseph and Zoe Rahman.  To be able to work with two such highly acclaimed jazz artists is an incredible opportunity for our students.  Experiences like these stay with musicians throughout their playing careers, and we are so pleased that Julian and Zoe will be inspiring and motivating the musicians in our jazz orchestra."

Workshop activity with Julian Joseph is provisionally planned for February 2014. 

More information will be provided on NYJO's website in due course.  In the meantime, if you have any questions or comments, please contact JazzSteps or NYJO